How to convert rectangular shape into circular shape ?

Imagine that you have a circle ,if you cut it from one radius then theoretically you can make that shape into a rectangular shape and vice versa
now this is present in photoshop like done here in this tutorial
Is there anyway that this can be done by SolidWorks or even AutoCad ??

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2 Answers

Using Solidworks, I think your best bet is just the circular pattern tool or the linear pattern tool. If you create your initial repeating design then you can pattern it in a straight line or circle.

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In Autocad, if the design is a solid model, just filletedge, set your radius and selct the 4 edges. you now have a cylinder.
If object is 2-d, fillet with radius... same.
If it says (2d) fillet is too large, extend your lines and fillet, then delete remaining bits of lines.

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