How to create a customised form tool for a sheetmetal part in UG NX 7.5?

I am in need of creating a customised form tool for a sheetmetal part in UG NX 7.5., something like embossing. Please suggest as to how to achieve this feature and save it so that I can call it whenever required. Thanks in advance.

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User Defined Features / Reuse Library commands may help you.

Mathi K

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Define a UDFThe User Defined Feature Wizard lets you create UDFs, and save them as special part files. You can then insert the file as a user defined feature in the Modeling application, and the data can be added as a feature to a target solid.

Creating UDFs that use features that are suppressed by expression may cause them to fail if those features share any common edge.

To create a user defined feature, follow these steps:

1.Create a model for the UDF.

It is generally best if you define all features with Relative rather than Absolute definitions. For example, an EXTRUDE feature that is defined with an Absolute extrude direction of XC (X direction) will have problems updating when brought into a part in orientations other than the one in which it was created. On the other hand, an EXTRUDE feature created with a Relative extrude direction, such as a Relative Datum Axis, will update regardless of the orientation in which it is brought.

To capture features in a UDF, it is best to use Menu→Edit→Feature→ Edit Parameters to examine the feature references and redefine them to the minimum requirements.

If you use Selection Intent rules to define the UDF part, they will be carried forward and used later when you instantiate the UDF (although, you can change them at that time).

2.When you have finishing building a part that you want to save as a UDF, you are ready to open the User Defined Feature Wizard. Use one of the following methods to start the wizard:

◦Home tab→Feature group→User Defined Feature

◦Menu→File→Export→User Defined Feature

◦Menu→Tools→User Defined Feature→Wizard

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