How to create a solid from a points file

I have a points file that I am trying to create a solid from. It is an xyz data list from a solid mesh (not a surface mesh). I have tried FE Modeller in Ansys with no luck because the surface is too complex even when I cut it into pieces. I am currently trying to use GeoMagic, but the wrap feature keeps shrinking my part. I believe this is due to my points cloud being solid and not surface. I have also tried Creo/Pro-E but don't have the reverse engineering extension plug in. Any help is appreciated.

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Hi, I have tried with solidworks ScanTo3D, but you are right, you need to use only the surface points, not the internal point.

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Thanks. I ended up using the scan object in Geomagic and then surface wrapped it from that and it worked semi-decently.

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