How to create a user-defined library in Pro-E

I have say for example an assembly consisting of three parts (A, B and C).
Each part belong to their respective family table.
I want to create a library such that i can use the assembly into my current working project.
Right now, Every time i want to use that assembly, i copy the files, and paste the same into my current working directory, else every time it gives me file missing error.

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2 Answers

Not if you work on your computer or on a computer network.
But anyway you can add to your file:
search_path address
c: \ work \ part
You will also need your proengineer can see instances

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Hi and Greetings to all,
Now let me tell you one thing before we get started. Whatever you will learn with help from my answer is EASY.

So, lets begin.
1- After completing your designs. CLICK on NEW
2- Assembly, give name to it. CLICK on OK.
3- Start selecting your 1st design. CLICK on ADD NEW COMPONENT TO THE ASSEMBLY icon on the right side menu.
4- Below you can see the options for USER DEFINED or RIGID and so on....

Now, i guess you have got some idea.

Thanks and Regards.

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