How to create this surfaces to build a game controller? Witch is the best method?

I am trying to build a video game control. At first I made the model with basic geometry and aplying extrude. The result was so ugly, so than I thought to make one based on surface commands.

Accepted answer

If it is an existing controller, you can download the different views to use as the reference for your surfacing model. Look for some tutorials online.

if it is a new design, you can draw the basic views by hand and scan it to use them as reference images for your model.

The best way to do this is with surfacing. I doubt if you can even get a reasonable model with Solid modelling.

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it's good that you worked with planes.
do you have any dimensions or pictures or any 3d model?
1. scale 2 pictures with the console and position them on the xy axis top view and on the yz axis side view, then draw their outline
2. work with imaginary plans and sections from close to close and create a sketch on each plane, then generate with "LOFT" a surface from plan to plan