How to define a 0° angle

Hi folks,

I have a problem trying to define a center curve for an electric wire.
As you can see in the 1. image the angle is set at 60°. When I change the angle to 0°, I hope it would be like in 3. image ( as 0,001°). But CATIA made automatically a loop as in 2. image.

Has anyone got this problem and how you solved it ? I appreciate any help. Thank you guys!


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CATIA doesn't like zero length lines and curves. Best solution for 0° is to erase the corner arc and one line, and extend (trim) the other line the entire length.

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Hi Dat Le,

Please remember that you have also, in some sense, told the sketch that you would like an arc of 30mm in Rad. This can be maintained down to an angle of 0.001deg, however at 0, the arc simply won't exist.

I get the impression you are trying to perhaps simulate a folded / unfolded shape without having access to the Generative Sheetmetal Design workbench.

In brief, do not use an arc if you want 0deg.

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Hi guys,

thank you all for the instructions. I tried some mathematical methods to define a 0° arc but it's really impossible.

The reason I want to do so, is to change between a straight and a curved electrical wire just by changing the angle. Maybe the method with Boolean operations and parameter's value true/false works better.


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Hi, you can try to compute by length and not by angle.
Use the angle as parameter and a formula with pyhagore to drive the length of a triangle with constructions lines.

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Hi Dat Le.
I think the reason for this is that it might not possible to fulfill both constraints i.e. radius and angular simultanously at 0° condition.

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