How to do Assembly Modeling in SpaceClaim and then its Motion Simulation using SC-Motion?

Answer as a tutorial.

The tutorial was created sometime back for SpaceClaim 2012 version and should be a good start for newer versions as well. The tutorial has been broken up into three videos below.

1) How to model parts in SpaceClaim for an assembly, from scratch? An example of a slider crank is taken.
Video is at

2) How to define Assembly Conditions/Constraints between the parts?
Video is at

3) Motion and Dynamic Simulation of SpaceClaim assembly using SC-motion.
Video is at

A detailed tutorial on the above is also present at AR-CAD Blog

SC-Motion is a motion and dynamic simulation addin for SpaceClaim. SC-Motion 2012 (version) is available for 99 USD. For more details, please visit


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How to activate Assembly tools in SpaceClaim 2009+

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