how to draft this

I have a question can anyone walk me through the easiest way to draw this pleas I m stuck. I would like some to break it down for me. I m used to autocad this 3d thing is new for me so far struggling with it . I m struggling on drawing the rib part and the front circle pieces

1 Answer

It looks like you are off to a decent start.
I use this part in a class I teach. I attached a picture of the part (green), and the final assembly.

The part required 42 features to be built, so creating a step by step tutorial is going to be time consuming. If you have some specific questions about the process I'll try and answer.

You've made a "C" shaped piece for the bottom.
You've made a circle shaped piece for the back.
What shape should you use to make the TRIANGLE shape on the front?

Another hint: Features on this part look like ribs, but that does not mean you have to use the Rib tool. Stick with simple extrusions.