How to drape a sheet over a 3D model to hide it in a simulation

Does anyone know if there is a (online) tool to create a 3D sheet or blanket which can be draped over a 3D model to hide it in a simulation. I want to make a rendering of a new model, cover it with a sheet in 3D and in a later stage unveil it in another rendering.
I'm using Autodesk Inventor 2018, but I don't know if this program is able to create such a free style model.

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does it have to be a sheet? How about a rectangular box?

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The software can make a sheet, but the time put into it may not be worth it, you'd have to judge the value of having a sheet.

Do a search for "ghost" in the library. There are a few in there which look like draped sheets, with luck, one could be adapted to work, or at least give some ideas on how it was made.

For hiding a model, you could also put it in/under a box. Or put a curtain around it. Or make it invisible... There are a number of options available which are easier than a sheet, but it will all come down to the desired appearance, and how much time can be invested.

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Image attached as a reference. I assume this is sort of effect you are looking for?
Modeling a sheet/fabric like model is possible in the software, but I would not want to do it in a program which is better suited to mechanical design.
You might take a look at Mudbox or similar "sculpting programs". In these you should be able to sculpt a covering for your CAD data, then export it for the simulation or rendering part of the project.

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