How to efficiently use any CAD software - Solidworks ?

I am pretty much aware about the functions in Solidworks...What is the industrial application in solidworks..I would like to practise the same ,that is, instead of making stupid things, just do what the industry requires.!
I am a 2nd yr Btech student Mech Engg

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mold, sheetmetal,pdm,design tables, mastercam, camworks, drawing, motion, simulation etc.

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Different businesses will have different requirements but if you can do the following it would cover a lot of ground:

Produce a multi-bodied part that includes solids, weldments and sheet metal components that have been welded together. Then produce a multi sheet drawing of it that includes a bill of materials and dimensioned details of each component part. As well as including dimensions and tolerances, also include welding, surface finish and geometrical tolerance symbols.

Many businesses require this sort of thing so it would be a good start.

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