how to excite a SMA connector using waveguide port in CST for an imported CAD model SMA connector?

I have designed an 10Ghz Rectangular Patch Antenna. For that I have used an SMA connector which is imported as an STEP/IGES file. Now the problem is I couldn't achieve the S-Parameter due to the improper excitation of waveguide port. So kindly let know where the waveguide port should be placed in order to achieve the S-Parameter.

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Well if you’re not de-embedding you want that port to be defined over the coaxial back of your sma, and normalized to 50 Ohms.

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This is a CST question that highly dependent on where you want to launch and the geometrical radiation pattern desired for your antenna. You first review all the similar microstrip antenna examples from CST, then understanding what you are trying to do, mechanically (feed point microstrip launch), then the characteristic impedance at 10 GHz for the microstrip, then the characteristic impedance for the antenna (assuming all are 50 ohms - including the connector ! ) Bear in mind that the layering construction and the materials matter heavily !

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Also bear in mind that you should present your antenna here for people to really be able to help you. - - Talking in esotericism is hard to solve specific problems.

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