How to filter the solidworks model by different version in GrabCad?

Question by sunny02

I am a solidworks 2010 users. My Solidworks cannot open the file which created in solidworks 2011 or above. I would like to find some solidworks model in solidworks 2010 format. How can I filter the model which is not created in solidworks 2010 with GrabCAD?
Thank you

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2 Answers

Answered on 6 Jun, 2016 02:48 PM

It is not possible, but you could press the "I Wish This Page..." button in the lower right corner and add that as a suggestion. The version of software used should always be mentioned when posting models and tutorials.

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chakrabani mohan
Answered on 7 Mar, 2017 08:11 AM

In Solid works the designs are not change the methods of drawing is change like problem to easy. this GRAB CAD system is one of the best design in this world.

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