how to get a custom apperance to make a bend in solidworks

I have a panel of stainless that we have hemmed on both sides. bolt holes punched. then scratched with a flap wheel. this is then bent around a form at a soft radius. I'm trying to model this for some prototype for our web site. I can make the make the part no problem using sheet metal in solidworks 2015. I have to use the bend feature to create the roll because i can't hem the straight side of a curved piece. but now my custom appearance changes direction at he bend. how do I get the appearance (which looks fine when flat) wrap around the panel. Thanks for any help.

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2 Answers

Edit the Appearances for your part and apply them to each of the part faces. You can then edit each surface in turn to rotate the appearance to align them to go around the bend.
Here is a YouTube video showing the procedure: .

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