How to get individual part files from the Frame tool in Solid Edge ST5

I have been able to design a frame and make my own profiles to use in the frame tool for solid edge, but what I'd like to know is there a way to save the file and have it produce individual part files for all the sections. So far the only option I've manged to find by accident was to save the assembly as a STEP file and then re-open it in Solid Edge and save it as a normal SE file, this somehow causes Solid Edge to generate individual part files from the assembly Frame, this however can be troublesome if there are more than one of the same type of frame part as it will seperate them as different, I tend to use the replace part and use the first named one so that I can have a more precise list of profiles to cut, and also saves on generating more than one cutting list for the same type of part.

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2 Answers

You've modeled in assembly environment?

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I use Solid Edge ST3 ...... I do not know, I should see.

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