How to get Part dimensions for reverse engineering?

I have a physical part of a cam for measurement and modelling. Please suggest a conventional method to get the dimensions for reverse engg.

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You can use a digital caliper, a vernier caliper or a dial caliper (both non-digital) to take the dimensions, I have found this document for you ... as for orienting the object if you want to use another method, just put the part between four blocks of wood or something similar ...
If you don't have a caliper, I recommend buying a cheap digital one, they're online for 15-25 dollars and I found no difference in the reading up to 10 cm with a 150 dollars one ...
If something is still unclear, add a comment ...

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Hi Anoop, revers-engineering is a tricky first have to decide how accurate you want to be because that will determine the method of dimension gathering needed. If you need it to be very accurate then you will need a point cloud from one of many different measuring machines out there. This will give you accurate locations of all important features on the part.
If you do not need it to be very precise yet still close then using a caliper, external micrometer for bosses, a internal micrometer for holes and a height-gage on a surface plate will do nicely.
If you are doing a drawing for looks or concept but you want to be close and look to scale, then you can use pics and scale them to a know dimension. Then place them in a sketch and trace over the pic to create a profile to extrude. This method will get you a realistic scaled look of a part not necessarily an accurate part !

Have Fun !

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Thank you Terry and great to see someone like your will the skills you posses back on GrabCAD sharing and passing on your knowledge with us all....
Education is a hard process but with you guys, you make it so much fun that you want to learn more and more each day.

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I have just started to do the same for my school work Anoop and I have bough my self digital callipers are a must and maybe protractor.
go there and have a little look.
I hope this is what you wanted and helped?

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you can use designworks (solidworks) with arm or scanner, then your work will be very easy but you have to pay more :)

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you can trace a cam if you know the the displacement of rocker arm and timing why even reverse engineer it.

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