How to hold in Assembly file some custom property information for parts?


Is there some possibility in Inventor to hold some custom property information in Assembly for Library parts. I dont want that this information is inside in library part,
Example if i have one Screw.ipt in libray folder, And I have A Bracket.iam file and B Bracket .iam file, Both of iam file using same screw, but in assembly BOM i need that behind screw row is some custom property field lets call it "Notes" and in

A Bracket.iam notes behind the screw = "fix it on site"
B Bracket.iam notes behind the screw ="fix it on factory".

So I understant that this information should be hold only in IAM file, not screw.ipt because I dont want that all Screws notes="fix it on site"

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Lauri Link

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3 Answers

The question is, what defines if "Note" is either "fix it on site" or "fix it on factory"?
How do you decide witch prop. has to be taken?

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Are you talking about "Proprietary" information? And how to withhold it?

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Usually this information is project based, and engineer should fill this cells in Bom after exporting it to excel. In excel bom you can white anything what you want, But probleem is if you need to change some small parts in .iam and you make new data export to excel. Then you lost all manually created information. So this means that this data should holded in iam. Another way is to duplicate library database. And hold there 2 screws, one fix it on site and second fix it in factory, but this is not very good way.

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