How to import complete design tree from part?

HI, This is Suyog. I want to modify following drawing in solidworks. but feature recognition doesnt seem to give total design tree of the drawing.

Metallic Roof Tile

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2 Answers

That "SOLIDWORKS" model has no feature tree even in the sldprt file. It was most likely imported, then re-saved as a solidworks model.

Feature recognition while not entirely useless, is often not very helpful on all but the simplest of parts. With simple parts, it is often easier to just rebuild the model than to try and do it with the add-on.

As SolidTweaks suggested, this is a good model to manually re-sketch and build. You'll then have much more control over the features, dimensions, and future edits.

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Considering the model, it is easier if you "trace" the part by yourself and reconstruct it for your use, if feature recognition does not work.

Or edit this model to suit your needs and make a pattern.
Roof Tile

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