How to import points from Excel to Catia and seeing automatically when points are created in CATIA?

Hi guys,

I want to know how can do to import points from excel to catia and see how they are created automatically in catia. I mean, I can now import from excel macro to catia, however, I have to wait for the entire read to visualize all points. I want to display them instantly.

Thank you in advance!

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7 Answers

Look Start-->Shape-->Shape Sculptor. there is import command here. i guess it will help you.

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I´ve been dealing with this. Exactly there´s a "import" tool. But... the input files must be SRTM o STL. So.. If I have the points in excel file... This tool doesn´t read my file. Thank you likewise! I´ll keep on trying!

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Thank you for the answers but It doesn´t work exactly I wanted!

I would like to do exactly this:

Thank you likewise!

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