how to increase triangle limit in solidworks STL

Is there a way to increase the number of Triangles that can be exported as an STL. I have an extremely complex part that needs to be exported at a high resolution for Laser sintering. I am using Solidworks professional 2014 but if I need to use another program to create an acceptable resolution STL I'm open to suggestions.

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If you set the output to 'fine' in the stl options, and then 'custom' and change the angle tolerance to 5 degrees you'll get great sintered parts. You can go smaller, but the output file size gets ridiculous pretty quick and isn't really necessary.

If you're having the parts built by someone else, make sure to ask about their machine resolution capabilities too, a place we use has a machine with normal and high resolution settings. Some places might even prefer a step file and to do their own conversion, you'll just tell them you want maximum detail, and the machine capability will determine what is necessary, stl output-wise.

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