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How to insert a plane in Keyshot?

By Sherwin Perez on 11 Jun 13:10 7 answers 0 comments

How to insert a plane in Keyshot?

7 answers

  • KeyShot
    KeyShot over 4 years ago

    In KeyShot 4, you can select 'Edit, Add Ground Plane'. Alternatively, you can import a plane as geometry. So, say you create a plane in SolidWorks and save it. You can import that plane directly into KeyShot as geometry, then apply your materials/textures to it.

  • Sherwin Perez
    Sherwin Perez over 4 years ago

    Thanks, How about on Keyshot 3. Is it possible?

  • Mike Enayah
    Mike Enayah over 1 year ago

    You can also add any photo to your background and match the model position and lighting to it. This is how I do all my models.

  • Ramona Miller
    Ramona Miller 5 months ago

    Without adding a Ground plane this option is unavailable, right? Working on a project for I need to adjust some features in Keyshot.

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