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How to know the file version in SolidWorks file?

By Pratik Pawar on 10 Mar 09:28 3 answers 2837 views 2 comments

Hi, I want to know the version of file in which it was lastly saved for e.g. SolidWorks 2009, or 2010 or any other.
I tried micros , but it cant help me out fully.
Any other ideas more than this or special micro file , Please do share it with me. thanks

3 answers

  • Deepak Gupta
    Deepak Gupta over 3 years ago

    Which macro did you tried. I had used File Version macro long back and it was quite handy.

  • Pratik Pawar
    Pratik Pawar over 3 years ago

    "Out Of Memory" is the error I get every time while running macro.
    Please find attached macro file.


    GetVersion.swp, 70 KB

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