How to make a 3D rendering of any model?

Pls awnser :)

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How to make a 3D rendering of any model?

Answered with a tutorial:

Or you can use external rendering software like Keyshot (very easy to use), download the trial version, import a 3D model file and apply materials, then click render, and done :)
Hope the video helps......but personally i think there aren't many rendering elements in wildfire...if u have any latest version like Creo by PTC....use it instead....the renderings are life like. .....or as said by Cesc u can use Keyshot or other softwares which offer some marvellous rendering elements......

the software section is pro e wildfire and not creo. So i request the uploader to fit this briliant design into the right section.

thanks and regards.

For inexperienced users i would recommend using keyshot