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How to make a sphere in Autodesk Inventor?

By Hardi Meybaum on 06 Oct 04:44 9 answers 21302 views 3 comments

Tutorial would be great.

9 answers

  • Manolis Theofilos
    Manolis Theofilos almost 5 years ago

    As Doug said, revolving a half circle. (the tutorial was made in Inventor pro 2011 but it applies to all versions of Inventor


    sphere.ipt, 95 KB
    1. Step 1

      Next in the sketch environment draw a half circle. This can be done in various ways that all give the same result. In my case I draw a line and then by activating the line command again and holding the left mouse button I dragged one edge of the line to the other end. You could also draw a circle then a line from top to bottom (or left to right) and then trim the one half. Another way is to draw the line and then a 3 point arc using the center of the line as the arc's center and the two ends of the line as the other input points.


    2. Step 2

      When you are done click finish sketch.


    3. Step 3

      Then click Revolve in the Model Tab


    4. Step 4

      The profile to be revolved should be automatically selected. If not click inside the half circle. Then you should choose an axis for the profile to be revolved.


    5. Step 5

      Click on the line to select it as an axis and a preview of the revolved solid is displayed. By default full revolve is selected. You can choose an angle revolve or to another surface instead of full revolve


    6. Step 6

      click ok and you are done!


  • 50ee6934
    50ee6934 about 4 years ago

    You also can make a cube and fillet it. Ex. 1in cube and and fillet both sides by .5in

  • Michel Petrucci
    Michel Petrucci over 1 year ago

    Thank you so much Hardy. It is now days and days that I am trying to do it following the "How to" from the 3D modeling of the Inventor program. It was absolutely unsuccessful and impossible. 2 Errors: "Impossible to build a Revolution"- "The revolution axis cut the outline" Hardy, Your way is so simple. Why Autodesk don't include it in their help menu? amazing. Michel from Brussels.

  • peter.barchenko
    peter.barchenko about 4 years ago

    If You will use center line for create sketch, you won`t select axis. :)
    Nice work! Good luck!

  • RisHabh ShaRma
    RisHabh ShaRma almost 4 years ago

    Just Revolve the Half Circle......... nd u get the sphere.
    as the above tutorial

  • John Dee
    John Dee about 2 years ago

    I did not know inventor didn't have some basic primatives, what a ball ache if you have to make them all, get IronCad and save some time.

    RONIT KUMAR 3 months ago

    just revolve a semicircle about its diameter

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