How to make animation with Creo parametric (assembly process) ?

I am a mechanical designer and I want to know how to make animation with Creo Parametric to explain bettre the assembly process of my products. (screws, slid...).
Please do you have tutorial that explain the steps.
Even if you have a tutorial with pro/engineer, it can help.
Thank you very much.

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3 Answers

animation is not much changed in Creo so you can use old tutorials.
Grabcad have already some tutorials and there are plenty in youtube
those 2 pdf should be enough.

also if you want to make nice/fast presentation you can export .FRA files
and use them in keyshot 4

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You can use Creo illustrate for assembly process animations and it can import .fra files from Creo. It has much more options then Creo animation extension.
Use of callouts, details, BOM ballons etc. You are not limited to video files you can export to 3D PDF and have your animation there.

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