How to make this object which has bulge type shape from surrounding

I have tried pretty much what I know currently I'm learning SolidWorks though it's very simple still i find difficulty

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The sketch is really not clear. Is that meant to show a front view and a side view of the same part?
I made my best interpretation. SolidWorks model is 2017.

Most of the time I still draw in tangent construction lines like you did to get your height measurements on the arcs, but here is a handy tip:
Dimension from the bottom line as normal, then hold Shift when clicking on the arc. It will then default to measuring the min (or max) of the distance (depending on where you select). Solidworks usually want to measure to centerpoint of an arc.

Actually, I spotted a defect in my model. Somehow I set the width to only about 44mm instead of the desired 50mm.
I fixed it in the models below.

There are different ways to make this model, but given only the section outline dimensions from a front and right view, I think this might be the best option.

The idea situation would provide the dimensions from the center, as well as the dimensions that form the outer walls as well.

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Hey bro!.
Don't worry your image showing like you draw to separate sketch on same plane. Can you explain me what drawing you want to draw... So that it will be easy to me to explain the solution. 😊
Hope you got me.

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