How to manipulate guide in solidworks?

Hi, I am trying to do a loft between 4 parallel (closed spline) sketches like in the figure. So first I sketch the differents splines. then, I sketch in 3D my 4 splines guides. I want to do a loft thin feature 2mm.
My probleme is that the loft doesn't always work because of the complexe form. So I have to play with my guides.
Why is it so hard to move the points of guide ( the coincident one with the parallel sketches)?

If I try to move a point on my plane sketches they move instantaly but not with my guide

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3 Answers

When I try to move a point of the spline guide, it moves really slowly.

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It's because the program tries to update the feature or the preview in real time. It's just the way it works, even with very powerful processors. You should delete or suppress the feature, make the changes and then do the loft again.

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That's what I thought but I wasn't really sure. Thank you for your answer

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