How to mesh lines with different divisions in ANSYS

I am having some difficulty in meshing my model. The model is a hollow cylinder of 10mm length. I need different size of mesh on the outer surface and inner surface across the length of the cylinder. The outer surface length lines is divided into 80 parts and the inner surface length lines is divided into 235 lines. But as these do not match, I cannot map mesh them. Is there anyway to mesh them mapped? or is free mesh the only way?

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Hello Mudassar Hussain Mohammed,

I can help you in this case if you are using Ansys workbench there you can give element size and element angle apart from that coarse , fine, medium this all you can do.

But i prefer to mesh in some other software and import mesh file into Ansys directly. (example gambit or hypermesh)

in this case we can give bidirectional or variable mesh on to the edges then we can do hex pave mesh.

or you can block your model into quadable region then mesh it with mapped.

If it is Ansys APDL you can specify elements and then mesh.

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