How to model a cap?

We have the base set, having trouble modeling the crevices and extrusions. Also how do we imprint letters on the cup? Please suggest a good way to start off modeling the fine details (the slanted cuts all over the cap etc.), getting errors on the plane. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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I started playing with it and I have the crevisis you are asking about. you should start a project here and upload your file. I saved my version but I am using a SW 2012 so I don't think you will be able to open it so here is how I did it.

Answered with a tutorial:

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I tried three times to upload a tutorial, but every time unsuccessfully
....maybe some next time
By the way, I sent you the files via email,
it is SW2011, and I hope it will be helpful

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Awesome! thank you so much! We really appreciate it...I will try remodeling/recreating it myself to learn.. :)) WOW! thanks for the tutorial! :)

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