how to model in inventor

I'm always facing a BIG problem in inventor (I'm a beginner tho). I create an assembly, make a part in it, then I create a second part, but when I edit the second part, I want to use the first part as a guide, BUT IT'S ALL in Ghost mode and I can select any of it !

Please help !

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hello. you can use Project Geometry in 2d Skecth .Hope this help :)

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thanks for answering william,

What i mean by "ghost mode" is transparent display of the part. And the impossibility to select edges/points/faces of that part, to use them as guide, to constraint the sketch of a new part...

in an assembly, I create a part.
then i create another part, so I'm now in sketch mode
I would like to create a sketch based on the first part i made (logical)
I can't because when I'm editing the sketch of the second part, the first part is not selectable.

I tried looking into forums for my answer, but I couldn't find any solution.
I'm pretty sure it's a basic thing to do. I use to work like that in solidworks.

looking forward to reading any advise on that matter, thanks.

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thanks william! very nice of you to send me a private message to tell me that you won't tell me a solution because I clicked the "not helpful" link on your answer! ... childish behavior like yours makes me act the same way...

I still hope someone more mature will help me with this pb in inventor.

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problem solved

(not thanks to william the spoiled brat)

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