How to model radiator fin and piping for the inlet coolant and outlet?

I'm really need help to model radiator as my report.

3 Answers

A heat exchanger like the one in the attached picture can easily be modeled in CATIA.

Looking at the picture, the left side is symmetrical to the right. And the right side is a repeated pattern of an ‘S-shaped’ extrusion with a constant thickness.

Here’s the steps:

1.Draw a sketch of a single ‘S’. Just draw the centerlines (don’t worry about thickness), but make sure the end of the ‘S’ lines up perfectly with the start of the next ‘S’

2. Use the sketch to make a Pad. The length of the pad will be how wide the fin is. Use the Thick option, and the Neutral Fiber option, and type in a Thickness. This will make the first section of the fin

3. Use the Rectangular Pattern tool to create a column of fins.

4. Add a Plane in the center of the part and Use the Mirror tool to create the other side of fins.

5. Add the middle section and there is your heat exchanger

this fin i get from a journal..thank you for you time

here my complete set of radiator and the fin..
Thank You for the tips...