How to model this feature in Solidworks?

This is the new Guinness glass that I`m trying to model. The key feature is the harp shape. I tried to make it by flexing the surface, but I can`t make the fillets at the end. Any suggestions?


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2 Answers

Flex might work, but I generally avoid those tools.
I made this example using the move/copy tool. After splitting the faces, one face was copied, then rotated inwards 5 or 6 degrees.
Patch up the holes, add some fillets.

This is obviously a really quick / rough approach to get the basic desired shape. It looks like the designer put a lot of effort into the proportions, and blending fillets.

SolidWorks model is 2016. Step also attached for reference.

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It worked, thank you! I had some problems with making the fillets, not really sure why, I guess it`s just one of those SolidWorks things... Thank you very much!

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