How to model worm using parameters and relations with involute tooth profile

axial pitch of worm = 10 mm
lead of the worm = 10 mm (single start worm)
worm pitch dia = 33.5 mm
lead angle = 5.3717 degree
addendum = 3.15 mm
dedendum = 3.78 mm
tip circle diameter of worm = 39.8 mm
root circle diameter of worm = 25.94 mm
clearance = 0.63 mm
length of the worm = 46.145 mm
tooth thickness of the worm = 4.93 mm

if possible plz give me steps..

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3 Answers

If you have solid works to hand I have two gear models with involuted profiles and parameters on my models...

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Are you trying to model a completely accurate involute tooth profile? I have used SolidWorks with a add-in named GearTrax to accomplish this in the past. Please visit and reviiew the different add-in solutions for most of the popular cad programs. The GearTrax program is fantastic.

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for involute tooth profile you will have to sketch an involute curve using the parametric equation of involute.
then do some trimming & sketching to get a profile in curve form.
you cannot extrude, etc it to create a solid body.
you will have to create quilts, trim them using the profile curve, then thicken or solidify them.

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