how to open a fusion 360 file ( .f3d ) file in grabcad 3 d viewer

i waited for 5 minutes for my file to be opened and still it did not open

5 Answers

I have this same problem.

Hey Janson,

I'm with GrabCAD Support, and I wanted to know if you are still experiencing this issue. If so, please provide me with a little more information, and I would be more than happy to assist you. Also feel free to reach out to us at, where you are likely to get an answer from us sooner. Thanks!

Got the same issue. Multiple files. Just get the spinning gear thingy and an offer to send an e-mail when it's done.

Attached is a simple one. Works fine imported as a STEP file. Doesn't work as a F360 archive.

I had the same problem, my files in .f3d don't have a preview.

The Same Problem still persist can someone kindly help me, its been 2021 and i hope they figure out a way to open .f3d files