How to open igs or step files in autocad/inventor?

Import igs and step files to autocad or inventor.

7 Answers

For AutoCAD you'll need first to create a new file, then type IMPORT at the command line, choose the format you want to import and then browse for you file.

You should also go to the options dialog to force Inventor to save the imported files to the imported file location. If not, Inventor will save the imported files to the "Imported File" location with in the project. Making a huge mess of things. Not very neat and tidy. One of the things I dislike about Inventor. The default makes a mess of things.

What you mean????
It should be as easy as to open an ipt file you will only have to change the filter to igs or stp and that's all...

Without any inventor files open, just drag the file out of windows explorer, and drop it into the center empty area! Easy as that. If its a compatible format it will import it and open it.

Yeah. Ioannis has right. It should be as easy as to open an ipt file. Just choose/scroll to the file ("step,stp,igs") extention into the "Open menu"

If you ever have a file type that you don't know how to open, when you click 'Open', just click the pop-down and select 'All Files'.