How to perform static analysis in catia v5?

I want to do analysis of a parabolic leaf spring(It has 2 leaves that is the master leaf and a full length leaf). As i run my analysis there is an error that says singularity detected. I had fixed both the eyes of the master leaf and applied load at the center. Please guide me so that i can again resume my work on parabolic leaf springs. I welcome your suggestions.

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The basic problem which i am facing is that it is an assembly i.e comprising of two leaves and bolted at the center. There is no problem when i analyze a single leaf, but as soon i assemble both the leaves there is an error i.e singularity detected.

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the contact prolem ( no joint ) can't be solved in CATIA ....

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From my experience working with assembly analysis in catia, usually the singularity problems occurs when you not define the joints between the components correctly. Maybe you could send me the details and elaborate on how you did the analysis. I will try to trouble shoot and see what can be modify
you may send to

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