How to prepare a development drawing in solid works . i can get pattern but methodology of the dimension don't know

hi, guys

if somebody knows please reply, i need to prepare a development drawing in solid-works.i can arrange pattern of the pipe tee. but i don't know how to add dimension by dividing like this.if someone knows about this please explain by comment, related videos,PDF,images or whatever

thank you

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2 Answers

You can use the Segment tool (Tools - Sketch Tools - Segment) to divide a sketch element into a number of equal divisions.

I'd use an ordinate dimension method to define the location of each point.

Is the pattern being cut by hand, or will in be cut via laser, or waterjet? A drawing like this is better suited for hand work, but if it is hand cut, then it is likely small enough to print a pattern and trace it directly onto the material being cut without a need for measurements (other than for a few inspection points).

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This is a great example of an advantage of CAD over manual drawing. 3D CAD (either surface or solid modeling) provides an exact solution to how the two pipes (cylinders) intersect. And the exact solution is available to a variety of down-stream applications, including: viewing, flat pattern development, analysis, CNC applications, robotic welding, and drafting.

The old, descriptive geometric method of sub-dividing the intersecting parts and developing the flat patterns is inaccurate, time-consuming, and no longer necessary when using CAD.

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