How to prevent PRO Engineer/Creo Parametric from creatin multiple files while saving...?

when even i press ctrl+s , a new part file is created ,
is there a way to prevent pro e from creating a new file every time i save.
file/ mage file/delete old versions is an option.
still , is there any other way

4 Answers

This is only for getting backup of your model if something goes wrong. If you save any unwanted thing in your model or deleted any feature and saved it; You can not use undo command. In this case you can open the previously saved *.prt file and save it again.

To delete these files; use this method.
1) Set working directory every time.
2) Use UTILITY ==> OPEN SYSTEM WINDOW. (Command prompt will open)
3) Type PURGE and press enter. Your Most recent part file will be saved. Rest of all will be deleted permanently in that Directory.

Find bellow Picture for better clarification.

Thanks buddy. But why in creo it hard to find good tutorials for beginners, if you have one kindly message me.


Thank you very much !!! ... the solution has been of great ...very great help.

I will try to do a similar instruction in Spanish (of course in your name) for help others.

Thank you again.