How to receive render badge?

I have 100+ Rendenrings but still haven't recieved Render Bender Badge.I also have rendered 100 of my own models but still Render King Badge is also not awarded. Why?

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Sorry Muhammad we missed you to give Render Bender Badge- you have it now.

As told earlier we are working on giving some of the badges automatically. Currently it is all done manually and might take a bit longer. We will definitely give it to all of them who have given effort in making GrabCAD look nice. It just takes a little bit time. Thank you for understanding.

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Given the young age of this site and the exponential growth, can't you guys find something more useful on here than complain because you didn't get your badges yet?
Has anyone noticed the huge amount of ads all over this site that pay for the full time staff required to run such a site? No?
I would say that the GC staff is doing pretty well given the vast amount of issues that we as a priveliged group of users seem to throw at them on a daily basis. Are some users getting paid for their activity level on GrabCAD? Are you getting special "power up" points somewhere because you were able to upload the most amount of (sometimes useless) content the fastest and you can't collect on it without your badge? I'm actually missing 3 badges and a T-shirt, but it doesn't effect how I view or use this site even if I NEVER get them. Do you view users who lack badges as less of a user? Some of the best modelers and renderers on here only have 1 or 2 badges, but they're years ahead of you in terms of experience and talent.

Cut the GrabCAD staff some slack, huh? Otherwise, 1 of two things will happen. GrabCAD will be flooded with ads to pay for the desperately needed staff, or you'll have a membership fee (which I'd be okay with). I doubt this site is someone's philanthropic pet project. Carry on....

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On that note i also have over 100 own renders. But i think its up to the Grabcad team to take a stand in this question and make the rules clear.

Either some people will loose their Badge until they get 100 models or some people with less then 100 models but over 100 renders will get the badge.

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All one would need to do is load 1 model with 100 renders that model, now they can get a badge. The system should not work that way but it does. This would explain why some people do not have very many models but still have a badge.

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If you check at you can see that for example Alireza SKH has the Render King Badge, but he only has 27 render. So that would mean that its the total amount of render you got not that you have 100 models with atleast one render each.

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Those that have the Render King Badge:
ALI 48 models
Sartorius 78 models
Adam Pohl 70 models
Alireza SKH 27 models
William 90 models
Carco 134 models
Darren S 115 models
Fateh MERRAD 54 models
Tony 131 models
marc erasmus 144 models
Nuno Felix 146 models
b00a0ba6 109 models
Zeljko Fabijanic 132 models
Venkatasubramanian 103 models

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Dude It totally depends on the quality of the render U give it 2 Ur models..and It's a qualitative one not a Quantitative one :)

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That's what we call it as fate :P :P...

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Render bender.... 100+ renders for other people, looks like you qualify for that one, but for the Render king you need to render 100+ models of your own (not multiple render images).....Keep going….. :-)
The guys who dish the badges out are well busy, just wait a bit, it will arrive.

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