How to reduce draft or drawing file size in solid edge ?

So I am working with a huge assembly in solid edge.

I dont know the exact part file count but there are several tens of thousands of parts.

I cant share images, but I am working on a building. My bosses were asked to look at the existing model of the building to figure out where the mounting points would be for some ornamental metals.

We initially started out with a revit model and some catia v5 files. We've since converted all of this information into solid edge files and have built assemblies we can work with.

Problem is everytime we add our assembly to the drawing, our drawing file size is huge. We created a new template file to try and improve performance but its still not enough.

Currently, our template file is 940kb in size. Whenever I add our massive assembly and save the drawing, it immediately jumps to 80mb. Before we created our new template, the drawings were typically 400mb.

Im a native inventor user and now I work with solid edge. Back in my inventor days when I had this problem, I would create a presentation model which I would then insert into my drawing. This process reduced my drawing file sizes by up 90%, meaning that instead of inserting the assembly I would use the presentation file.

I dont know exactly how this works inside solid edge but I need to find a way to reduce file sizes down to a manageable level.

Again, I need to reduce the size of my drawing file in solid edge so that it becomes manageable. Currently things like, opening, saving, and updating take upwards of 10 minutes and at times close to 20 minutes. Some days I need to update the draft files several times and this becomes a problem.

So to any solid edge experts out there, if you've got any comments, or suggestions please advise.


Also I am using Solid Edge ST 9 (cant seem to select that option for software).

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I would suggest you to use a simplified assembly to create drawings.
You can access the semplify commands in the "Tools" ribbon

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