how to remove green dots in loft feature in solidworks??

the orientation of the loft is not what is desired as the problem is shown in the figure.How can I correct this and is it possible to remove green dots for proper loft orientation?

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The green dots are not the issue, they are simply 'handles' indicating which vertex connects to which other vertex between the profiles.

This looks like what can happen when the 2 loft profiles don't have the same number of entities.

Looking at your picture, I'd guess the top profile sketch has 2 entities and the bottom has 4 or 5 maybe.

I'd start by trying to 'divide' the spline sketch entity in the top profile into enough segments that they entity count is the same for both profiles and see if that works.

See attachments for an example of similar geometry.

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It would be cool to remove the green dots though. Imagine if SOLIDWORKS just made the correct shape every time a loft, sweep, or boundary was created.... I'd have models done in minutes instead of hours!

Robert's advice is sound. If you are lofting between two profiles, the profiles need to have the same number of segments. The exception is if you are lofting to a circle, or place a circle between the profiles.
I sometimes will still add segments to a circle to get some extra control over what can be done by dragging the green handle(s) around.

Make use of the Split Point to divide your sketch(es) into a number of segments which match. The regular point tool will be of no use.

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click and drag the upper green point (the handle) to the right side direction until you get your shape with out deformation, and use guide curves vertically between the two profile sketches to help you get your final shape

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