Can anybody tell me how to remove the part show in the model

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Stephen Nyberg is right - a much cleaner model. The remodel is better than my fix - but you did ask how to remove / fix your current model.

The easiest way to remove the "surface"; add a cut revolve based on a converted sketch (the one used to produce the protrusion).

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Another way It can be done is with a cut revolve and delete body.

Answered with a tutorial:

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I can help you
you can just draw a sketch and make removal of material

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Try this : Click under sketch > 3D sketch
Then click 'Convert Entities' and click the edges surrounding the area you want to remove. Once done, exit the sketch. Click 'Extruded cut' and select a plane almost parallel to the portion you want to remove. Enter a desired height and hit the checkmark. It should be gone. Let me know if it worked.

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Well, I cannt open the file since this is a future version Solidworks so that I can try it but have you tried this:

Got to Command Line - Insert - Cut - Boundary (or "With surface")

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