How to save a solidworks part as a macro?

I have loaded macros many times in solidworks to recreate a part, which then has all of the features and sketches just like any part created from scratch.
Is it possible to take an existing solidworks part with all the features and sketches saved as a macro so it can then again be loaded somewhere else by solidworks?
I want to do this with an existing part.

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2 Answers

No, not technically. Solidworks does allow you to record a macro while modeling but it is not a great way to go about this as it relies on things like cursor position in the UCS. I am a little unclear on what your end goal is. It sounds like you can just send another user the actual solidworks part. If you are looking for certain features only you can create Library features that can be Drag-n-dropped onto parts. If you can let me know what the end goal is maybe i can give you more direction.

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The macros can be loaded to recreate the part with all features regardless of which solidworks version is running. I need to share certain drawings with others with earlier sw versions, and since the earlier versions can't load later version's drawings, this could be the way to go around this blocking issue.
otherwise the only other way is parasolid, but parasolid doesn't recreate all the features and going through recognition leaves much to be desired, as the recognition rarely succeeds to 100%.

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