how to save simulations results in ms word format from ansys 15 ?

when i save the result file in word of different parts, it gets linked with workbench. it opens previous results, its not opening the part which i want.

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Easiest thing to do is take screenshots using the snip tool every computer has and then copy and paste that into the word doc.

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Before saving the word file:
In word go to File-->info --> On the bottom right hand side with document properties click "Edit Links to Files" --> Select all the Source files with Shift+click --> break link.

This removes the association to the ANSYS file and saves the images and graphs within the word document.

Here's a vba macro to do it for you, work for the active document

Sub BreakLink()

With ActiveDocument
For Each IlShp In .InlineShapes
If Not IlShp.LinkFormat Is Nothing Then
End If
End With

End Sub

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