How to scale a part and make it smaller? (inventor 2013)

I have this file I made, and it turns out to be too big (the size of the actual part, not the file). is there an easy way to scale it, or could someone else do it for me? I need it to be (24/32) of the size it is now (needs to be smaller)

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Make a new .ipt file do not create a sketch. Goto manage tab, and click Derive, select your file (body1.ipt)
A new window will open up: Derived Part, at the bottom insert your Scale factor; 24/32 and there you have it.
You will lose the ability to modify anything on this file, but when you modify the main file (body1.ipt) it will link it to the new derived part.

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Hi KsCustoms, I have answered that question with a tutorial for step by step guide with images just in case you are still having a hard time with it.....

KsCustoms it would be a good Idea to search the Q&A's first before asking a question to a problem as 99% of the time someone will have all ready had to the same problem in the past and someone will have helped them. This way it will save you time having to wait on someone answering your problem....

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I don't know if this works inventor 2013, but in the 2016 version there is a feature called "direct" in the "modify" section of the 3d design tab. this function allows you to click on the whole part and scale the entire part by a scalar quantity.. I found this feature to be extremely useful of the last couple of years

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