How to set up a simulation on this geometry

I'm having a difficult time setting up a simulation to show the deformation of this part. The part would be compressed between two flat surfaces- The high points on the top and bottom make contact with the surfaces first.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

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2 Answers

With 'the high points' you mean: the ridge on the top and bottom of your pulley?

Well, I would use a fixture on the bottom ridge to fasten it to one of the 'surfaces' (which aren't there anyway). Then, I would install a force to the other ridge, pointing straight down (pointing towards the other ridge!). Now make sure that you have set the correct material for the pulley, and there you are: run it! You do not need to give both forces that both surfaces would excert on the pulley: remember that the normal force of the fixture will be equal to the force applied to it.

Oh, and make sure to mesh it with an accurate but not too accurate mesh...

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