How to start working in Alias Design

Hi everyone.
many of our fellow Grab Cadders have being asking a ton of questions regarding this incredible program used by the major product and automotive firms worlwide/
Due to this and in my spare time will post as frequent as possible a series of tutorials starting from the basics. Hope to make them interactive via a separate website so they will be clear and easy to follow.
I have being using Alias since its begining and was part of the generation that had to transition from paper and clay to fully digital.
Coming from GM Design this has being an incredible journey which I hope you will enjoy and learn in the process.
Miguel Riego
Ex Chief Executive designer GM LAO Operations

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The first thing you will need is to download an original copy of the program at the Autodesk Education Community Website (Please Do not use counterfit products) The student version is good for one year and has all features enabled.

Answered with a tutorial:

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The first thing to understand is that Alias design is not a simple modeling parametric program.
Alias is a program geared towards developing products from concept all the way to finish
If you are looking for something else like this go with programs such as Inventor or SolidWorks
Many products have started taking shape thanks to Autodesk Alias Design
As with any other cad program you have to understand that it is a tool, and not the Holy Grail
It will not do the work for you!! You need to have the basic concepts in design and engineering at least to make a product happen
You will have to forget about working all the time with primitives or basic splines arcs lines etc. Alias design works on surfaces and complex forms that have to tight up in order to make a coherent component
Have a lot of patience and practice every tutorial like crazy and dare to experiment
Alias is part of a process, please understand this
Simple results and be achieved fairly quick and in a simple and efficient way such as this
However to do a full class A surfacing vehicle will take a couple of hundreds of hours of practice
Please take a look at the following video and enjoy it You will see the full potential of the product in action and the amazing world of real automotive design

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Hi Miguel. I appreciate your initiative. Is lovely to see someone willing to help people to learn and improve. Thank you!

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Hi Miguel this would be one of the best things for me on GrabCAD right now @ this moment in time and I really look forward to seeing the tutorials as I have been trying to teach myself Alias for some time now but finding a very steep learning curve to have the correct results from my modelling.

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Alias is a Pain to learn especially if youre on your own. There is nothing that teaches alias and training centers are non existent and if you want to learn Class A forget about it.

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When are you planning to add the tutorials on the site mentioned above???

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hi Miguel Riego can give some ideas to learn alias studio on our own
i will be waiting for ur reply

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