How to turn objects in assembly?

i can only do it holding right click and making circles with mouse but that moves object itself around also so it takes time to stop all the time and see if it is correctly or not

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In the command manager, under the move component icon, in the assembly tab, is the rotate component tool.

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yes there is rotate tool
but isn't there better way to rotate it
right now how rotation works is just you make circles with mouse by rotating and turning object
for example i have pipe that has been bent 90 degrees
right now pipe turns to left, but i need it to turn down from bent section
and to turn it that way i need to make circles with mouse and then put object back to its original way and see if it rolled it enough or too much

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couldn't find how to edit angle between objects
so i just made this tutorial for mateing 2 planes and it turns object according to it

Answered with a tutorial:

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