How to upload a colored/rendered model?

Firstly. just to point out that I am really new at 3D modelling and have been on it for less than 2 months now, so bear with me here, please.

I am using Geomagic Design X for point cloud modeling, and downloaded Keyshot for my rendering software. My issue is, the only solid model export formats available in Geomagic useful to me are .sat, .sab and Parasolid formats, since I'm trying to get a model which I'm able to measure, section and explode (meshes are out of the picture). I managed to render the model in Keyshot and export the rendering in .jpg.

Now, my main question: how can I get the colors(rendering) into the 3d model view here on GrabCAD? When I upload the before mentioned formats without rendering, the model is black and you cannot distinguish anything. The posts and questions I saw here to this topic are mostly a few years old so I suppose the options have changed.I need a colored model in 3D view, so the user can pan and orbit around a colored model, explode it and measure individual parts.

I would really appreciate any kind of help or suggestions.

2 Answers

Hey Jelena, whenever you tried to convert your part file format to JPG format it was black so first of all you should convert it in PDF format and then click a screen shot, if modal will again black then you should directly click a screen shot.
I think it will work.

Tried it now, doesn't work. Obviously doing something very wrong.