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How to upload a project picture?

By Alex Pratt on 10 Feb 14:10 4 answers 280 views 0 comments

All of my projects have the empty block picture in front of them. I wanna fix this so that it shows pictures of the project with all of the material (skins) visible. How would I go about doing this?

4 answers

  • Jonathan DeRoner
    Jonathan DeRoner over 1 year ago

    Easiest thing to do is do a screen capture using the "snipping tool" which any computer has and then save the image. Then when your uploading the project, select the image you saved using the tool. Its what I've done for all of mine.

  • JSE
    JSE over 1 year ago

    if you allowed others to upload renderings some of us could do that.

  • JSE
    JSE over 1 year ago

    top of page under resources, how to upload.

  • trinityscsp
    trinityscsp over 1 year ago

    Select your project; select the "files" tab; click on "renderings" to open the folder; click on "upload" and drag a picture. Should be jpg, png or gif (for animations).

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