How to use ANSYS using catia model for ceiling fan blade analysis?

I need to perform a test on airfoil fan blade but I'm not sure how and where to start

2 Answers

First install ansys academic version (

Next refer youtube videos on topic external flow on objects like how car, race car are being analysed.

Then follow the same steps for wing that you have modeled

Here is the tip: Make your geometry as simple remove unnecessary fillets, holes etc.,. For the problem you have given there are lot of youtube videos available.

First you model the blade in Catia ensuring clean geometry (beware of creating small surfaces, tiny lips, unnecesary holes, unneecesary chamfers and fillets). Recommend using GSD in Catia to model the airfoil. You can keep it as a surface or turn it into solid.

Then go to Fluid dynamics Fluent from Ansys and create a case. Import the model into Ansys directly from Catia files. (if you have Ansys 15.5 or above, should work) If any error is encountered then resort converting the catia model into .stp (save as.. .stp) Create enclosure in design modeler and then in fluent you input the inlet velocity of the air and compute pathlines over the fan blade. Sure there are little tricks for creating a 2d section to look at and various other things.
Reach a tutorial about Fluent to get along with the simulation you need.
or (spanish, but autotranslate in youtube works ok)